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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Elements of the Perfect Saturday

Oh, Saturday! How I love thee! ...Of course, the ideal Saturday never really comes. There's always something blocking that perfect day (Most likely a trip to the orthodontist. {#FrownyFace}). For your entertainment, here's what my perfect Saturday would look like...

The ~Perfect~ Saturday Schedule

7:30 a.m. -- wake up
Even though Saturday would be the most perfect day for sleeping in, if I want to do something progressive during the day, I tend to want to get up earlier. Say, seven-thirty? Eight?

7:45 a.m. -- shower & get ready
Though Saturday would probably be spent entirely at home, I'd still (probably) do my makeup. What if the perfect chance for a low-budget-camera-selfie comes up?!

8:00 a.m. -- breakfast
Breakfast time -- food!! Hmm... Since we're talking about the impossible, -- the perfect Saturday -- why not come to something delicious? Perhaps blackberry jam on sourdough bread with a nice cup of hot cocoa?

8:30 a.m. -- write
Time to get crackin'! Cleaning my room? Well, it is the perfect Saturday, so, naturally, the cleaning fairies would be zooming around the house at this time, as I put a new scent in the wax burner and plop down at my computer, ready to write...

11:45 a.m. -- pack lunch
I changed my mind. I am going out. I pack a kindly-vegetarian lunch and leash up the dogs, about to drive to the park (Because we all know that thirteen-year-olds can drive. {wink, wink}).

12:00 p.m. -- picnic lunch
Lunchtime! Let's see what's inside this basket... Ooo! A cheese pizza, iceburg salad, and a blackberry pie? Kitchen fairies, you shouldn't have!

1:00 p.m. -- write
After spending some fun time at the park with my two precious puppies, it's time to head home and start writing, again.

4:00 -- walk
Need to take a break from that computer screen! The fairies leash up the dogs as I get my coat, and we head out for a nice autumn walk.

5:00 -- write
We're back from our walk! The kitchen fairies begin preparing a lovely meal as I settle down with a cup of gingerbread tea and start writing, again...

6:00 -- dinner
My sweet little fairies are amazing! A candlelit dinner with mint chip ice cream for dessert!

6:30 -- write
The kitchen fairies tidy up from our meal and I go back into my room (or study, as I prefer to call it) to write, again (you may have noticed that I particularly enjoy this activity). Of course, there have been absolutely no writer's blocks today, and so far I have accomplished two-thousand words, today!

8:30 -- nightly Bible study
I cuddle up with the dogs and my Bible as the fairies all gather around to listen. Tonight, we will be reading Proverbs 31...

9:00 -- read
I draw the blanket tighter around me and pick up one of my favorite books, Heartless by Anne Elisabeth Stengl.

9:30 -- bedtime
I turn out all the lights and take the dogs out for one last disposal. After that, it's off to bed with a few more minutes left for reading. Thankfully, the house fairies have gotten all the dishes ready for me to help cook for potluck, tomorrow.


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